• 60-minute personal coaching call session

  • 30-minute follow-up session

  • 10% discount on future course packages 






Email: to get on the waitlist. 



Q: What sort of questions could I ask in a session?

A: Any! Well, mostly. All of your online boutique questions are welcomed. However, I do not cover taxes or legal questions. 

Q: So, what can I get help with?

A: Here are a few common questions:  

  • How do I bring more traffic to my website?

  • How do I grow a following on social media?

  • How much inventory do I need?

  • Can I get advice on my product photos?

Q: Can I get feedback on my website?

A: Absolutely! I will do a complete overview of your website and create an action plan for you. 

Q: How long is the coaching call?

A: Your first session will be scheduled for 1 hour. We will also schedule a 30-minute follow-up session 3-4 weeks after to review your progress. 

Q: What if I need additional help after our session?

A: If you'd like more ongoing support, you're welcome to join the Online Boutique Boss Course. You'll gain unlimited access to our community, monthly live group Q&A sessions, and lesson plans. Plus, as a returning member, you get a 10% discount on all future services!

If you have any other questions about our Personal Coaching Sessions, please email: